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Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow Shampoo 300ml

Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow Shampoo 300ml

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Schwarzkopf Professional Goodbye Yellow Shampoo helps getting back the shine by removing the yellow brassy tones. This hydrating shampoo efficiently cleans the scalp and provides the required moisture content for all day long. This is a complete nourishing product, which is formulated with skin-friendly ingredients to bring out the best results. This nourishing shampoo is targeted to induce the vital nutrients to strengthen the hair structure from inside.

Proper Cleansing with Active Washing Substances

This hydrating shampoo is primarily formulated to retain the shine and prevents the coloured-hair to fade too soon. This anti-yellow shampoo for tonal maintenance neutralises the stubborn yellow undertones and enriches the locks and enhances the quality of the hair. The manageability of hair increases and there is no formation of residues over the scalp. The hair colour is retained for a longer duration with this highly pigmented neutralising wash. A protective layer is formed that keeps the hair and scalp away from the potentially damaging environmental aggressors. The hair feels rejuvenated and the texture improves flawlessly. Goodbye Yellow Shampoo is suitable for super-lightened, grey, or de-coloured hair.

Sulphate-Free Nourishing Shampoo for Personalised Hair Therapy

Not just protecting the hair from environmental damage, the Goodbye Yellow Shampoo has the unique formulation to retain the natural shine and enhance the colour treated hair. This colour-enhancing shampoo is free from SLS/SLES sulphates. The exclusive 4.5 pH formulation plays a vital role in helping the colour pigments to adhere to the hair for maximum neutralisation. The shampoo has the pigment combo of blue and purple direct dyes that neutralises brassy tones. The Goodbye Yellow Shampoo with the combination of colour deposits, and active washing substances helps neutralising and cleansing perfectly.